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twelve is a creative business plan concept for a online and print publication. This business plan uses a unique way to bypass traditional distribution methods to cut costs and eliminate paid advertisements in the magazine in order to focus on the content the magazine wants to feature. Traditional Distribution typically takes the largest part of the cover price, determines where the magazine is sold and how much the magazine will cost. Social distribution (invented by Works that Work) allows the users of the magazine to purchase a quantity and receive a discount, then share the magazine in different spaces, to friends or sell them to local distributors such as bookstores and cafes. 

twelve is a contemporary curated quarterly magazine. Showcasing design objects from studios around the world that are not easily accessible and offer the designer a unique selling experience. Every four months, twelve designers are chosen to be featured in the magazine. The magazines goal is to create a platform for new designers (who aren't easily accessible) to sell their work on an international scale. The feature includes a biography and one featured design. These designs are available on the web store for those four months before new designers are featured. This business model provides a unique shopping experience for the customer and educates about small designers and studios. The readers are given the chance to own the objects they see within the magazine and become a part of a global community.

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